We are very sad to see SnoDreams website shutting down. We Enjoyed showing our dogs and seeing puppies placed in such loving homes.  I hope everyone still keeps in touch and still keeps sending pictures of their babies. We Made many friends over the years. 

Our sweet Tessa 10-16


Email for referrals if looking for a puppy as we are no longer breeding but happy to refer.  As our webpage will be coming down soon please enjoy these sweet babies.  I will always love them all!   And very lucky their owners have shared their babies with us and hope they still do. 



 Please enjoy the pictures of puppies that have left.

Riley 9-16

Zeno with his friend Nixie!  9/16   "Picture Perfect


Zeno and friends! 9/16

Shia 9 years old with  his friends!

Chyna below is his litter mate!


Chyna lives with Jackie Queen of Versailles 9-16


Annarose - Shia's and Chyna's littermate -  all turned 9 on 9-23-16


Kody 10 yrs old  8-16

Sue Ellen 8-16-16  10 yrs old!!!!

Shia with his friend Riley celebrating Riley's birthday!  9-16

Remembering Hooks 2007-2016






  Liberty and PJ  

Snowball  8/16

Rose and her friend Iris



Zeno 2016

Sky 2016

Nikko and friend  8-16


SueEllen off to the beach!   7-16

  Daisy  2016 Beautiful Girl! 


Ava is 5 -16

AVA enjoying her summer with her family!

Snowball  5-16

Gidget Summer cut!  2016

Cupid summer 2016

Bella, DeeDee and Gidget 2016

Daisy 2016

Zeno Birthday 2016

Sky 2016

Dakota 2016

Jingles 2016


Hooks 2016 (he's at Rainbow Bridge)


  Ellie 2016

Wrangler 2016



Shia and Riley Christmas 2015

 Cupid 12/15


Looks like Cupid helped put up the tree!!!  Thank You Christine for sharing!


Gidget with her friend Belle! 2015

Madeline and her friend Cupid!   2015 Thank you Christine for sharing!

Zeus and Ellie Christmas 2015 Thanks Nay for Sharing!

Snowball with her Christmas Moose! 


Nikko - Thank you Amy for sharing. 




A link to more pictures of  puppies grown up (click)


Zeno out of our Krista and Bear is pictured in the book,  "The Spirit of the Dog" by Tamsin Pickeral.  The book is sold on Amazon.  You can see  more of Zeno on the link Our Puppies in new homes below.  Marcie Miller of Marcie Miller Art was kind enough to let us use this picture she took of Zeno.  




Past Show Dogs accomplishments are still displayed.  Click on their names above or below.  These dogs are dogs that have shared their lives with us and brought much enjoyment through daily life and conformation events.

AKC & UKC Ch Sujo SnoDreams GypZ Rose Lee

 AKC & UkC Ch  Chyna Cir-B SD Chyna Rose

AKC & UKC Ch Wintersun SD Kristen's Rose

AKC & UKC Ch SnoDreams Limited Ed NikipZ Doll
   Dolly   (click)

AKC & UKC Ch SnoDreams KortMar Runnin' Bear

UKC Ch SnoDreams Painter of Light (Kinkade)

SnoDreams Magical Storm (Beau) 5-16


UKC CH SnoDreams Image of White Dove


SnoDreams Frosted Mint Julep  
SnoDreams Lil Love Annarose
SnoDreams Free Spirit - Francesca
SnoDreams Winterhaven


Nikko Bear Nov'02 - June'10
All the above dogs are retired now . Showing them to  their Championship wins  was a very rewarding experience for all of us. 


 Past show dogs are enjoying retirement or are in loving homes.
We no longer plan to have any  future litters.  Showing brought us  so much enjoyment with this wonderful breed . One of our puppy owners recently  mentioned when visiting us how great it was that  we brought love to so many people with these darling babies.  I truly hope we did and that everyone still keeps in touch with us by letting us know how the babies are doing.  And of course pictures are always welcome.  Can never have enough of them!!  By keeping in touch a little part of each one of the puppies is still with us.  They never leave our hearts as they brought joy to us also during their short time with us. 
Our  Dogs  (click on their names)

SnoDreams Ginger 'N Spice 4-16

SnoDreams Samantha Rose

Sheldon - SnoDreams Big Bang Theory

UKC CH SnoDreams Barefoot Contessa

SnoDreams Gabriel's Triumph


The last litters


Winnie & Desi litter March 4, 2012 (click)

Ginger N' Spice and Fred litter March 5, 2012 (click)

Our Past Breedings (click)


Our Chyna's Grandchildren  (click)

 this dog is owned by a family in Florida


Also  Remembering Cleo (click)





Past Litters Click



This litter was our first litter with our GypZ and much missed Nikko Bear


The Many Faces of SueEllen

American Eskimo Dog Breed Info

Christmas 2013 click

Fall   (click)

Happy Valentine's Day 2014

Happy St Patricks Day 2014

Spring is here!

Summer 2014

Easter 2014  click


   Christmas 2012  (click Link)


The Puppies in new homes




SnoDreams came about after we first brought Prince Nikko Bear home.  We lost one American Eskimo dog to arthritis about two  years before.  We also had another American Eskimo dog  Callie, who was 13 years old at the time. Nikko, our new Eskie,  loved riding on Callies'  tail!  When Dick Kortemeier  (the breeder we purchased Nikko from) suggested "showing" him, we thought we would give it a try.  We were very lucky that our daughter, Jennifer, wanted to show him. He was of course the cutest puppy ever!  She championed him in UKC within the year.  In AKC,  he had three majors and is now a finished Champion. 

Nikko, Chyna, GypZ & Krista




Breedings:    We are no longer breeding.


Although Eskies prefer cold weather, they can live in hotter climates as well. Eskies should not be shaved, as the long fur helps to maintain the temperature of their skin.

SnoDreams L' DL Marshmallow Pie is now a UKC and AKC Champion!!!  She is out of our Chyna Rose and Castlecrest Kort-Mar Fame.  Kate is owned by Jackie Blackburn.





Juge Fred Lanting, Jennifer and CH Prince Nikko Bear


Since we  had Nikko, we decided that if we got a female puppy we could, have some beautiful puppies one day.  We found just the right mate! GypZ Rose Lee, whom we got from Sue Houck.  GypZ is just a little love. She has won  Best of Breeds in AKC and is now a Champion. We drove all the way from Texas to Michigan to get her, and it was well worth the drive! GypZ is now a AKC Champion and a UKC Champion. She is a sweet loving dog. They are now retired from showing and breeding and in a loving home.

Next, we got
Chyna Rose from Jacqueline Brothers and A. J. Guthrie.  She is an exquisite puppy. She is a UKC Champion and also an AKC Champion. All our American Eskimo dogs are UKC and AKC registered and are shown in both AKC and UKC dog shows. Puppies are raised at home with loving care.

We had a Dream of puppies that would represent the breed well, and be "Show" quality dogs, plus wonderful pets. Being a reputable American Eskimo Breeder is very important to us. We wanted a fun hobby that included loving cuddly companions. We lived in Illinois  and missed the snow, so we came up with SnoDreams as our Pedigree name.  We hope that you will enjoy our website and seeing the pictures of our dogs. American Eskimos are fluffy little white puppy dogs that give you lots of love and "Light Up Your Life"! 

Chyna, GypZ & Nikko



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